1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Recondition Cylinder Head – Grinding Valve Seats

[1] –

Grind intake valve seat using a 30° seat grinder, and exhaust valve seat using a 45° seat grinder. Follow tool manufacturers instructions.

[2] –

Measure valve seat width (E) after grinding.

[3] – If seat is too wide after grinding, grind lower seat surface (F) using a 70° seat grinder until seat width is close to specifications.

[4] – Grind upper seat surface (G) using a 15° seat grinder until seat width is narrowed to specifications.

[5] – If valve seats (H) are ground, measure valve recession and check contact pattern between the seat and valve with bluing dye.

[6] – Lap valves. (See procedure in this group.)
If valve recession exceeds maximum specifications or seats cannot be reconditioned, replace cylinder head.