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1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Remove and Install Camshaft

Avoid Damage! Always replace all camshaft followers when installing a new camshaft. The components wear as a set and replacing only one of the components accelerates wear on the other.

[1] – Remove rocker arm assembly and push rods. (See Remove and Install Rocker Arm Assembly and Push Rods in this group.)

[2] – Remove timing gear cover. (See Remove and Install Timing Gear Cover in this group.)

[3] – Check camshaft end play. (See Check Camshaft End Play in Section 220, Group 15.)

[4] – Check backlash of timing gears. (See Check Timing Gear Backlash in Section 220, Group 15.)

[5] –
If camshaft is being removed with cylinder head installed, use a magnetic follower holder tool, or turn engine until oil pan is upward, to hold cam followers away from camshaft.

Hold cam followers away from camshaft using a magnetic follower holder kit such as D15001NU.

[6] –

Due to the odd number of teeth on the idler gear, timing marks only align periodically.

Rotate crankshaft and align timing marks (A).

[7] –
Avoid Damage! DO NOT allow camshaft lobes to hit bearing surfaces while
removing camshaft. Machined surfaces will be damaged.

Remove two cap screws (B) and camshaft (C).

[8] – Inspect camshaft, gear, and bearings for wear or damage. (See procedure in this group.)

[9] – Apply clean engine oil on all parts during installation.

[10] – Rotate crankshaft to align timing marks and install camshaft into cylinder block, being careful not to allow camshaft lobes to scratch camshaft bushings. Align camshaft gear timing marks with timing marks on idler gear.

[11] – Install two cap screws and tighten to specification.

[12] – Install timing gear cover.

[13] – If cam followers were removed, replace into same holes as removed.

[14] – Install push rods and rocker arm assembly.