1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Remove and Install Rocker Arm Assembly and Push Rods

[1] – Remove valve cover. (See Remove and Install Valve Cover in this group.)

[2] – Remove 3 rocker arm mounting cap screws.

[3] – Pull rocker arm assembly straight up off cylinder head.

[4] – Remove push rods.

[5] – Inspect all parts for wear or damage. (See Disassemble, Inspect, and Assemble Rocker Arm Assembly and Push Rods in this group.)

Avoid Damage! Be sure valve caps are in place on end of valve stems before installing rocker arms.
Align rocker arm supports with holes in cylinder head. Align rockers with valve stems.

[7] – Install push rods in block and align into rocker arms.

[8] – Install 3 cap screws and tighten evenly to pull rocker arm assembly to head. Tighten to specification.

[9] – Adjust valve clearance. (See Adjust Valve Clearance in Section 220, Group 15.)