1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Remove and Install Valve Cover

[1] – Remove muffler. (See procedure in this group.)

[2] – Loosen hose clamps from air cleaner hose and remove air cleaner.

[3] – Remove cap screws (A and B).

[4] – Remove valve cover.

[5] – Remove intake cover (C) and clean off mating surfaces and replace gasket (D).

[6] – Remove and disassemble breather baffle (F) and clean or replace mesh media.

[7] – Remove diaphragm cover (G), spring (H), center plate (I), and diaphragm (J).

[8] – Inspect diaphragm, spring, and center plate for wear or damage. Diaphragm must not have any cracks or tears and must not leak. Replace parts showing any wear.
a. Clean all parts.
b. Reassemble valve cover using new gaskets.
c. Use John Deere Form in Place Gasket between breather baffle and valve cover.

d. Tighten valve cover cap screws to specification.