1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Replace Crankshaft Front Oil Seal

[1] – Remove engine. (See procedure in this group.)

[2] – Remove alternator. (See Remove and Install Alternator in Section 40, Group 05.)

[3] – Remove fan, fan spacer, sheave, and belt.

[4] – Remove crankshaft sheave cap screw and washer. Install puller to crankshaft sheave and remove sheave.

[5] – Carefully pry oil seal from timing cover.

[6] – Install new oil seal using a driver set. Install seal with lip toward engine. Install seal flush with surface of cover.

[7] – Coat lip of seal with clean engine oil.

[8] – Install crankshaft pulley to crankshaft, lining up key in crankshaft with keyway in crankshaft pulley.

[9] – Install new O-ring on flat washer. Install cap screw and washer. Tighten to specification.

[10] – Install fan, spacer, and sheave.

[11] – Install alternator.

[12] – Install fan and alternator belt. (See Adjust Fan and Alternator Belt in Section 20, Group 10.)