KUBOTA – L2501 – FRONT AXLE – CHECKING AND ADJUSTING – Front Wheel Steering Angle [4WD]

1. Inflate the tires to the specified pressure.
2. Steer the wheels to the extreme right until the front gear case (1) contacts with the bevel gear case (2) at right              hand side of the front axle.
3. If the front gear case (1) can not be contacted with the bevel gear case (2), shorten the length of stopper (3).
4. Keeping the front gear case (1) contact with the bevel gear case (2), make a specified clearance “A” as shown in the      lower table.
5. After adjustment, secure the stopper with the lock nut (4).
6. For adjusting the left steering angle, perform the same procedure as mentioned in right steering angle.