KUBOTA – L2501 – FRONT AXLE – DISASSEMBLING AND ASSEMBLING – Bevel Gear Case, Axle Flange and Front Gear Case

1. Remove the plug (4).
2. Remove the internal snap ring (3) and shim (2).
3. Remove the axle flange (1).
4. Tap out the bevel gear (6) and ball bearing.
5. Draw out the bevel gear shaft (7).
6. Remove the external snap ring (5).
7. Tap the bevel gear case (8), and separate it from the front gear case (9).
(When reassembling)
• Apply grease to the O-rings of axle flange (1).
• Tighten the axle flange mounting screws and nuts diagonally in several steps.
• Install the oil seal (10) of bevel gear case, noting its direction as shown in the figure below.