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Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 018-023   Engine Testing

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Intake Restriction (maximum at advertised horsepower)

Exhaust Back Pressure (maximum)

Oil Pressure

Coolant Pressure

Coolant Temperature

Fuel Temperature

Fuel Restriction



Maintain the following limits during the engine test and run-in procedures:

Due to variations in ratings of different engine models, use the specific Engine Rating Data Sheet for the particular engine model being tested.

Charge-Air Cooler Restriction (maximum)

Mercury (mm and in) 76.2 mm Hg [3.0 in Hg]
Pressure (kilopascal and psi) 10.3 kPa [1.5 psi]
Clean Air Filter 254.0 mm H2O [10.0 in H2O]
Dirty Air Filter 635.0 mm H2O [25.0 in H2O]
310-330 Horsepower Ratings 158 mm Hg [6.3 in Hg]
350-370 Horsepower Ratings 173 mm Hg [6.8 in Hg]
370-400 Horsepower Ratings 188 mm Hg [7.3 in Hg]
400-425 Horsepower Ratings 195 mm Hg [7.8 in Hg]
430-450 Horsepower Ratings 210 mm Hg [8.4 in Hg]
Low Idle (minimum) 89.6 kPa [13.0 psi]
Oil Pressure Range 207 to 345 kPa [30 to 50 psi]
Cylinder Block Coolant Pressure (closed thermostat, maximum) 510 kPa [74 psi]
Operating Temperature (maximum) 107°C [225°F]
Fuel Inlet Temperature (maximum) 71°C [160°F]
Fuel Inlet Maximum Restriction 101 mm Hg [4 in Hg]
Pressure Side Fuel Filter Restriction (maximum) 69.0 kPa [10.0 psi]
Fuel Drain Line Restriction (maximum) 203.0 mm Hg [8.0 in Hg]

Blowby (maximum at advertised or torque peak rpm) with 9-mm [0.354-in] orifice

Last Modified:  20-May-2010