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Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 022-001   Service Tools

Table of Contents

Mounting Adaptations

Mounting Adaptations

Tool Number


Dial Gauge Attachment

Attaches to crankshaft flange to provide measuring of flywheel and flywheel housing runout with dial bore gauge.

Tool Number


Flywheel Socket – 21 mm 12 point

Used to remove capscrews.

Tool Number


Guide Pin Kit

This kit contains various size guide pins that are used during assembly and/or disassembly to align parts and aid in the control of parts.

Tool Number


Barring Tool

Used to bar over the engine when making valve and injector adjustments or checking engine timing.

Tool Number


Crack Detection Kit

Used to inspect components for cracks.

Tool Number


Dial Indicator and Sleeve Assembly

Used with dial gauge attachment, Part Number ST-1325, to measure flywheel and flywheel housing runout.

Last Modified:  12-Jun-2010