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1. Remove front console attaching screws. Move console rearward and disconnect console harness connector and radio harness. Then remove console.

2. Disconnect Digital Ratio Adapter and Keyless Entry Module. Remove inner engine cover.

3. Remove hood with aid of helper as follows:
• Unlatch and lower brushguard, if equipped.
• Unlatch and raise hood.
• Remove clip that attaches hood harness to driver side of frame.
• Disconnect hood harness from cowl top harness.
• Remove bolts attaching prop and bracket to driver side air lift bracket. Do not remove prop rod from hood. Leave rod attached. Tape rod to hood if desired.
• Remove hood hinge pins.
• Remove hood with aid of helper.

4. Disconnect and remove batteries and cables.

5. Remove battery tray.

6. Remove driver and passenger side splash shields.

7. Drain engine coolant and engine oil.

8. Discharge A/C system with recovery machine set in recovery mode.

9. Disconnect radiator upper and lower hoses at the radiator.

10. Drain fluid in power steering pump using a suction gun.

11. Disconnect oil lines at transmission and power steering coolers. Cap lines to prevent dirt entry Figure 2-52.

12. Disconnect engine cooler lines for engine oil cooler. Cap lines to prevent dirt entry.

13. Disconnect A/C lines at condenser. Cap or tape lines and fittings to prevent dirt entry.

14. Remove rubber/sponge pads from air lift brackets.

15. Remove return hoses from power steering pump.

16. Remove surge tank hose from radiator.

17. Remove bolts attaching radiator and shroud assembly to frame and brackets. Then (with aid of helper), remove radiator, shroud, condenser, and oil coolers as an assembly Figure 2-53.

18. Remove air horn from turbocharger and air cleaner hose (Figure 2-54).

19. Disconnect radiator hose at thermostat housing and at radiator upper and lower outlets.

20. Remove the engine oil dipstick and tube

21. Loosen tensioner and remove serpentine belt.

22. Using the spanner wrench and ratchet adapter, remove cooling fan and clutch from water pump.

23. Disconnect A/C hoses at compressor. Move hoses aside for working clearance. Cap open ends to prevent dirt entry (Figure 2-55).

24. Disconnect bypass hose at water crossover.

25. Disconnect heater hoses at water crossover and water pump.

26. Disconnect and remove generator, belt tensioner, idler pulley and bracket as assembly (Figure 2-56).

27. Remove brackets/retainers that secure wire harnesses to intake manifold and heads.

28. Disconnect AMG wiring harness from starter, glow plug controller and cowl top harness, then remove.

29. Disconnect wires at all glow plugs.

30. Remove fuel pump from retaining clamp.

31. Disconnect fuel hose from injector pump line at underside of manifold. Cap all open hose ends.

32. Disconnect injection pump and engine harness connectors.
Move wire harnesses aside for removal clearance.

33. Disconnect glow plug relay wires and cables.

34. Disconnect exhaust pipe at the turbocharger.

35. Remove any remaining brackets and clips securing wire harnesses to engine.

36. Disconnect oil lines from power steering pump to hydro boost at hydro boost housing. Cap lines and hydro boost outlets to prevent dirt entry. Move lines aside for clearance.

37. Remove turbocharger heat shield and disconnect vacuum actuator hose.

38. Remove air intake manifold crossover. Tape openings to prevent dirt entry.

39. Remove intake manifold runners.

40. Working under vehicle, loosen, disconnect, or remove following:
• Remove skid plate.
• Remove starter and shield (with aid of helper).
• Remove exhaust pipe. Also loosen and move heat shield aside.
• Remove converter housing access cover and gasket.
• Remove oil filter and disconnect lines to oil cooler.
• Remove transmission fill tube Figure 2-58.
• Remove torque converter attaching bolts Figure 2-57.
• Remove nuts attaching engine mount insulators to frame brackets.

41. Remove turbocharger.

42. Support transmission with floor jack. Position wood blocks between transmission and jack saddle.

43. Remove bolts/studs attaching transmission to engine block.

44. Attach lifting sling to engine (Figure 2-59).

45. Raise engine with hoist and remove it from engine bay.
CAUTION: Make sure all electrical wires, harnesses, and fluid lines are disconnected and clear of engine assembly. Do this before removal to avoid damage.

46. Mount engine on heavy duty engine stand or cradle.
Engine stand should have minimum capacity of 1500 lb (680 kg).


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