Inspection procedure

Inspection: Air leakage from intercooler
• Plug one of the air ports of the intercooler and immerse it in a tank of water. Apply the specified air pressure to the intercooler through the other air port and retain pressure for 30 seconds.
• Replace the intercooler if any air leakage is evident.

Installation procedure

•Installation: Air inlet hose
When connecting the hose to the intercooler, note that the overlap length shown in the illustration must be assured.

Installation: Air inlet hose
• Install the air inlet hose so that its paint faces the buildup of the air inlet pipe RH.
• Install the air inlet hose to the intercooler, air inlet pipe RH and air outlet fitting to the illustrated dimensions.

• Install the air inlet hose to the air inlet pipe LH with the paint on the hose aligned with the buildup on the pipe.
• Install the air inlet hoses to the intercooler and air inlet pipe LH to the illustrated dimensions.


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