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GM/Detroit 6.5L – BATTERY

The maintenance-free battery is standard in all vehi­cles (figure 1). Refer to “Specifications” for specific applications. These vehicles may be equipped with one or more batteries, depending on the powertrain used and optional equipment. The battery is completely sealed except for two small vent holes in the sides. These vent holes allow the small amount of gas pro­duced in the battery to escape.

The battery has three functions in the electrical sys­tem: first, it provides a source of energy for cranking the engine; second, it acts as a voltage stabilizer for the electrical system; and third, i t can, for a limited time, provide energy when the electrical load used exceeds the output of the generator.

The battery specification lab e l, as shown in figure 2, contains information pertinent to the servicing of the battery. This information includes test ratings and both original equipment and recommended replacement part numbers. This information is also included in the speci­fications at the end of this section.

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