GM/Detroit 6.5L – CS-130 GENERATOR

The CS-130 (figure 1) generator features a high ampere output per pound of weight The CS stands for charging system and 130 is the measurement in milli­meters of the outside diameter of the stator laminations.

This generator with integral regulator does not have a diode trio. The delta stator, rectifier bridge, and rotor with slip rings and brushes are electrically similar to other CS-series generators. A conventional fan and pulley is used and an internal fan cools the slip rings, end frame, rectifier bridge, and regulator.

The charge indicator, that appears on the instrument panel as a battery symbol, turns on when the ignition switch is closed and turns off when the engine is run­ning. If the charge indicator is on with the engine run­ning, a charging system problem is indicated. This indicator will glow at full brilliance, not half lit, if any charging problem occurs or the system voltage is too high or low.

The regulator voltage setting varies with temperature and limits system voltage by controlling rotor field cur­rent. When the field current is “ON,” the regulator actu­ally switches the rotor field current on and off at a fixed rate of about 400 cycles per second. By varying the overall on-off time, correct average field current for proper system voltage control is obtained. At high speeds, the on-time may be 10 percent and the off-time 90 percent. At low speeds, with high electrical loads, on-off time may be 90 percent and 10 percent respec­tively.

The regulator has four terminals, “ P,” “L,” “I,” and “S” (figure 2). The regulator and/or the connector may be stamped “PLI/FS,” or “PLFS.”



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