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GM/Detroit 6.5L – TECH 1 “SCAN” TOOL – Preparing the Tech 1

Use the following procedures to prepare the Tech 1 for use with the 6.5L EFI V8 diesel engine PCM.
1. Install the appropriate master cartridge in the bottom slot of the Tech 1 by squeezing the tabs on the cartridge and sliding it into the connector. Do not force the cartridge; it only fits one way.

2. Make sure the ignition is turned “OFF” before con­ necting the Tech 1 to the vehicle being tested. Plug the Tech 1 power cord into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. The Tech 1 display will become active. The screen should display the text shown in figure 6-16.

3. Ensure that the Tech 1 recognizes the cartridge.
• If the Tech 1 does not recognize the cartridge, check to see that the correct cartridge has been installed for the test you want to perform.
• If the cartridge is correct and the Tech 1 doesn’t recognize it, unplug the power cord, remove the cartridge, and clean the cartridge and Tech 1 contacts with Goodwrench Circuit Board Cleaner, p/n 12345350, or equivalent. Reinstall the cartridge.

4. Insert the Tech 1 connector plug to the DLC.

5. Turn the ignition key “ON,” or start the vehicle. The “Applications” screen shown in figure 6-17 should be displayed.


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