1. Apply Permatex High Tack to manifold gaskets and position gaskets on cylinder heads.

2. Install left/right side manifold halves. Tighten attaching bolts/studs to 31 lb-ft (42 N•m) torque.

3. Mount turbocharger or cylinder block, and install attaching bolts, nuts, and brackets. Tighten attaching bolts/nuts to 43 lb-ft (58 N•m) torque.

4. Connect exhaust inlet tubes to exhaust manifolds and turbocharger (Figures 2-8 and 2-9). Tighten exhaust tube flange clamps to 7 lb-ft (10 N•m) torque.

NOTE: Do not install the intake manifold crossover housing at this time. The housing will not be installed until after the engine is installed in the vehicle.

5. Install alternator mounting brackets, and idlers on right side cylinder head.

6. Install power steering pump and mounting brackets.

7. Install A/C compressor and braces.

8. Install crankshaft pulley. Tighten pulley attaching bolts to 48 lb-ft (65 N•m) torque.

9. Install water pump pulley, if not installed before this.

10. Install fan and clutch assembly. Tighten attaching bolts/nuts to 15-20 lb-ft (20-27 N•m) torque.

11. Install serpentine belt.

12. Install glow plugs, if not previously installed. Tighten plugs to 13 lb-ft (18 N•m) torque.

13. Install wire harness and hose brackets.


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