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GM/Detroit 6.5L – Fuel System – FUEL FILTER

The fuel filter assembly (figure 4-4) mounts on the rear of
the intake manifold. Two bolts hold the assembly in place.
The filter housing has two primary fittings:
• an inlet fitting connecting to the pipe/hose from the lift pump
• an outlet fitting connecting to the fuel injection pump with a hose

A third fitting connects through a hose to a drain valve mounted on the water crossover/thermostat.

The filter assembly is a two-stage replaceable element with integral seals. A threaded nut retains the element in the housing. The element has an air vent valve on its top surface that is used during a filter element replacement procedure. Filter and housing are keyed to fit one way only.

The fuel filter assembly has a fuel heater mounted to its bottom end that is retained with a threaded nut and seal ring. Another part of the fuel filter assembly is a Water In Fuel (WIF) sensor. The WIF sensor has an o-ring seal and two mounting screws. Three wires connect the WIF sen­ sor to a power supply circuit, as well as to an instrument cluster-mounted amber warning lamp.


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