Delphi-Common Rail System – Idle strategy

The diagram shows the two-module system. On the single-module system the IDM is integrated in the PCM.

1 Fuel injector
2 CMP signal (with older software only)
3 Injection signal (pilot injection and main injection)
5 KS
6 CKP sensor
7 APP sensor
8 CHT sensor

Once the engine speed range of the engine restriction check has been exceeded, the system goes into idling. At idle speed (actual idle speed depends on the vehicle), a fuel pressure of approximately 250 bar is available. During idling, the main input parameters for the PCM are, in addition to the CKP signal, the CHT signal and the APP signal.

The main input parameter for the IDM is the signal from the KS. Combustion noise is monitored very closely, particularly when the engine is idling, to ensure the engine runs as quietly as possible. This takes place through the optimized adaptation of the injected fuel quantity for pilot injection.

Idling operating temperatures are reached from:
• 60 … 75 °C on the Ford Transit,
• 70 … 75 °C on the Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo.

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