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KOHLER KDW 702 – Pump/injector unit – Disassembly

When the removal (but not replacement) of a unit injector is required the following procedure may be used to avoid the need for other adjustments:
Rotate the engine until the unit injector cam lobe 2 forces the cam follower 1 to the highest position, then insert a suitable sized (hardened) pin into the hole 3 and rotate the engine until the cam follower 1 is at the lowest position. In this way the injection advance regulator 4 remains calibrated.

If you dismount more than one pump/injector unit, make sure to reinstall them in the appropriate housing (with relative drive rod 5); before mounting lubricate the drive rod at its two ends with MOLYSLIP, AS COMPOUND 40 type. Rocker arm assembly

Remove the nuts attaching the rocker arm assembly to the cylinder head.

When refitting tighten the nuts at a torque of 40 Nm.

The pin, that is hollow inside to allow lubrication, is closed at its ends by two caps.

Note: The rocker arm assembly may be removed without removal of the unit injectors.


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