1. Install injection pump gasket on front cover studs.

2. Mount injection pump on front cover studs (Figure 2-169). Install retaining nuts finger tighten.

3. Rotate crankshaft if necessary, to place timing mark on injection pump drive gear at 12 o’clock position.

4. Install pump driven gear into fron cover so the timing mark on the driven gear aligns with the timing mark on the drive gear.

5. Turn pump shaft (not gear), until shaft pin aligns with slot in driven gear. Then slide pump into place and secure it with gear attaching bolts. Apply 1-2 drops Loctite 242 to bolt threads beforehand and tighten bolts to 13-20 lb-ft (18-27 N•m) torque. Tighten pump retaining nuts to 31 lb-ft (42 N•m) torque.

6. Perform Timing Setting Procedure to adjust injection pump timing. Pump may also require TDC offset adjustment if front cover was replaced, or PCM was replaced with the fuel injection pump.


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