1. Install new seal in front cover with installer tool J–22102.

2. Apply sealer to front cover as follows:
• Use anaerobic sealer such as Loctite 510 on cover surfaces that contact block (Figure 2-168).
• Use RTV-type sealer such as Permatex High Temp, Ultra Blue, or Loctite 599 (gray) to oil pan contact surface of cover (Figure 2-168).

3. Install front cover on engine block (Figure 2-168). Be sure cover is seated on dowels, block face, and oil pan.

4. Install and tighten front cover bolts as follows:
• Tighten cover-to-engine block bolts to 33 lb-ft (45 N•m)
• Tighten cover-to-oil pan bolts to 4-10 lb-ft (5-14 N•m)

5. Install baffle on front cover. Maintain minimum clearance of 0.040 in. (1.02 mm) between baffle and injection pump gear. Tighten baffle attaching bolts/nuts to 33 lb-ft (45 N•m) torque.


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