1. Apply Permatex #2 to crossover gaskets and position gaskets on cylinder heads (Figure 2-185).

2. If new crossover is being installed, transfer hose fittings to new crossover. Use Loctite PST on fitting threads.

3. Connect bypass hose to water pump (Figure 2-185).

4. Install crossover. Tighten cross-to-cylinder head bolts/studs to 25-37 lb-ft (34-50 N•m).

5. Connect bypass hose to crossover hose fittings on crossover (Figure 2-185).

6. Install thermostat, gasket and housing on water crossover. Apply Permatex #2 to gasket before installation and tighten housing bolts to 31 lb-ft (42 N•m) torque.

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