1. Place engine in upright position so cam bearing bores are vertical.

2. Lubricate camshaft bearing journals with engine oil. Then lubricate cam bearings with long nozzle oil can.

3. Lubricate camshaft lobes with assembly lube.

4. Install 8-10 in. (20 -25 cm) long bolt or threaded rod on cam sprocket bolt hole. Bolt will serve as handle and make cam installation easier.

5. Install camshaft. Lower and guide cam carefully through and into bearings (Figure 2-166).

6. Lubricate and install camshaft spacer and thrust plate. Beveled edge of spacer faces toward cam.

7. Apply 1-2 drops Loctite 242 to thrust plate bolt threads. Then install and tighten bolts 17 lb-ft (23 N•m) torque.

8. Remove bolt or rod from camshaft.


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