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KOHLER KDW 702 – Flywheel

Danger – Attention
During dismounting be particularly careful not to let the flywheel fall, as this can be very dangerous for the operator.
Use protective goggles while removing the starter ring gear.

Unscrew the screws that fasten it to the crankshaft.
In order to replace the ring gear, it is necessary to disassemble the flywheel.
Cut the ring gear in several places using a chisel and remove it.
Heat the new ring gear uniformly and keep it at a temperature of 300°C for 15÷20 minutes.
Insert the ring gear into its seat and place it carefully on the rim of the flywheel.
eave to the ring gear to cool gently before reassembling the flywheel.

When refitting tighten the screws at 80 Nm.

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