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2008 6.6L Duramax – OIL PUMP REPLACEMENT – Removal Procedure

1. If the vehicle is a 2-wheel drive (2W D ), remove the flywheel housing. Refer to Engine Flywheel Replacement.
2. Remove the engine front cover. Refer to Engine Front Cover Replacement.
3. Remove the upper oil pan. Refer to Upper Oil Pan Replacement.
4. Remove the oil pump screen bolts and nuts.
5. Remove the oil pump screen.
6. Remove and discard the oil pump screen gasket.

7. Block the crankshaft from turning with a wooden handle.

8. While holding the secondary oil pump shaft with a hex driver, remove the oil pump driven gear nut.

9. Remove the oil pump driven gear.

10. Remove the oil pump drive gear and crankshaft reluctor.
• Use a brass drift.
• Tap on the back as close to the center o f the reluctor.

11. Remove the hex head and the alien head bolt in order to remove the oil pump.
12. Remove the oil pump.
13. Remove the O-ring seal for the oil pump.
14. If required, clean and inspect the oil pump. Refer to Oil Pump Cleaning and Inspection.