Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 001-039   Idler Gear, Hydraulic Pump

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Use lubricant such as Lubriplate™ 105, or equivalent, to lubricate the thrust bearings and idler gear shaft.

Assemble the thrust bearings and idler gear onto the idler gear shaft in the following order:

  • Front thrust bearing
  • Idler gear
  • Rear thrust bearing.


NOTE: When installing the shaft and gear assembly, make sure that the rear thrust bearing does not fall off of the idler shaft and become pinched between the shaft and the gear housing. Gear train damage can occur if the assembly or rear thrust is not properly installed.

Install the assembly onto the gear housing.

Install the retaining capscrews finger tight.

Tighten the three larger (M12) capscrews, beginning with the center capscrew.

Torque Value:

M12 Capscrews  107  n.m  [79 ft-lb]

Tighten the smaller (M10) capscrew.

Torque Value:

M10 Capscrew  47  n.m  [35 ft-lb]


Measure the idler gear backlash. Refer to Procedure 001-055 in Section 1.

Last Modified:  27-May-2010