6.7L Cummins Compressed Air System – Air Compressor Cylinder Head, Single Cylinder – Remove

Remove the four 8-mm capscrews.
Do not remove the three M6 internal hex capscrews at this time.
Remove the head and gasket.
NOTE: Due to an interference with the fuel pump on some applications, it can be difficult to remove all four mounting capscrews completely from the air compressor cylinder head while the air compressor is still mounted to the engine. To remove the cylinder head, completely remove the front two capscrews and completely loosen the rear
two capscrews. Simultaneously lift the left rear capscrew and cylinder head to unseat the locating dowel from the
air compressor housing. Slowly rotate the head counterclockwise, using the right rear locating dowel as a pivot point until enough clearance is available to lift the cylinder head off of the air compressor.