Care should be taken not to run out of fuel; however, if the engine stalls and you suspect fuel exhaustion the following procedure will facilitate restarting.

First, determine if engine stall is due to fuel exhaustion. Open the filter air bleed valve — if air is present then the vehicle is probably out of fuel.

To restart the engine:
1. Add at least 2 gallons of fuel if the vehicle is parked on a level surface; as much as 5 gallons may be required if the vehicle is parked on a slope.
2. Disconnect the fuel injection pump shut off solenoid wire (pink wire). (See illustration).
3. With the air bleed open crank the engine 10 to 15 seconds. Wait one minute for the starter to cool. Repeat until clear fuel is observed at the air bleed.
4. Close air bleed and reconnect injection pump solenoid wire.
5. Repeat cranking 10-15 seconds until engine starts.

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