Valve Stem Clearance

NOTICE: Excessive valve stem to bore clearance will cause excessive oil combustion and may cause valve breakage. Insufficient clearance will result in noisy and sticky functioning of the valve and disturb engine smoothness.

1. Measure valve stem clearance as follows:
a. Clamp a dial indicator on one side of the cylinder head rocker arm cover gasket rail.
b. Locate the indicator so that movement of the valve stem from side to side (crosswise to the head) will cause a direct movement of the indicator stem. The indicator stem must contact the side of the valve stem just above the valve guide.
c. Drop the valve head about 1/16″ (1.6mm) off the valve seat.
d. Move the stem of the valve from side to side using light pressure to obtain a clearance reading. If clearance exceeds specifications, it will be necessary to ream valve guides for oversize valves as outlined.

Valve Spring Tension
1. Check valve spring tension with Tool J-8056 spring tester. Springs should be compressed to the specified height
and checked against the specifications chart. Springs should be replaced if not with 44 N (10 lbs.) of the
specified load (without dampers).

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