Camshaft bearing tool set J–33049 plus adapters J–6098-11 and J–6098-12 and tool set J–6098-01 are required for bearing replacement.

During removal, bearings 1 and 5 are removed last because they must be in place to support the pilot tool. For this reason, these bearings must be installed first during replacement.
The front (no. 1) bearing has two oil feed holes. The remaining bearings have a single oil feed hole. All of the bearing feed holes must be aligned with the oil feed holes in the bearing bores.

Cam bearings 1, 2, 3, and 4 are the same size. However, bearing number 5 is a different diameter. Be sure the correct bearing is installed in each bore. Replacement bearings are numbered to help avoid incorrect placement.

The front (no. 1) bearing has a notch in it. This notch must face out toward the block front. Each of the bearings also has an oil groove. Install the bearings so the groove is at the top of the bore toward the upper part of the block.


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