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Duramax LLY – OIL PUMP SERVICE – Installation

1. Prime oil pump. Pour about four ounces of engine oil into pump through strainer and rotate shaft to coat gears.

2. Insert pump shaft into block. Then align and seat pump.

3. Install and tighten pump mounting stud to 59-74 lb-ft (80-100 N.m) torque.

4. Rotate pickup tube bracket onto pump mounting stud.
Then install and tighten bracket retaining nut to 35 lb-ft (47 N.m).

5. Tighten clamp screw on pickup tube bracket to 12 lb-ft (16 N.m) torque.

6. Clean oil pan and engine block sealing surfaces with scraper and solvent. Final clean surfaces with brake or electrical contact cleaner to remove all residue. Otherwise, RTV sealer will not adhere properly.

7. Apply RTV-type sealer to front cover, oil pan, and engine pan rail surfaces. Sealers such as Permatex ultra copper, or black are equally acceptable.

8. Install rear seal in oil pan.

9. Position oil pan on engine and front cover. Then install and tighten oil pan bolts as follows:
– Tighten rear two bolts to 89 lb-in (10 N.m) torque.
– Tighten remaining bolts to 17 lb-ft (23 N.m) torque.

10. Install oil filter and refill with recommended grade engine oil.

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