Duramax LLY – PISTON/CONNECTING ROD OVERHAUL – Piston and Connecting Rod Assembly

1. Lubricate piston pin, pin bore in piston, and bushing in rod with engine oil.

2. Install new bolts in rod and install rod cap.

3. Start pin and piston bore.

4. Position piston on rod. Relief in piston crown and rod bearing tangs/notches must be aligned (Figure 2-122).

5. Push piston pin through rod to secure it to piston.

6. Install piston pin retaining rings as follows:
a. Place piston/rod assembly on clean section of work- bench.
b. Install tool J–39507 on one end of piston pin (Figure 2-123).
c. Start first retaining ring in piston pin bore (Figure 2-124). Position open end of ring downward toward bottom of piston.
d. Use plastic or tape covered pry tool to work ring into pin bore.
e. Insert tool J–39507 into piston pin (Figure 2-122). Place tool tab on retaining ring. Seat ring by pressing downward and rotating tool in arc. Tool tab will press ring into place as it is rotated (Figure 2-125).
f. Remove pin tools and install opposite retaining ring as described in steps c through e.

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