GM/Detroit 6.5L ENGINE CONTROLS – Fuel Tank Replacement (Pickup Side Tank)

Removal Procedure
Tools Required
J 36608 Fuel Sender Tool
1. Remove negative battery cables.
2. Drain the fuel from the tank. Refer to Fuel Tank Draining Procedure.
3. Raise the vehicle.
4. Loosen the filler neck hose clamp at the fuel tank and disconnect the fuel tank filler neck from the fuel tank.

5. Support the fuel tank and remove the tank strap fasteners and insulator strips, if equipped.

6. Remove the nuts from the frame mounted bracket.
7. Remove the frame mounted bracket.

8. Lower the fuel tank and shield enough to access the fuel lines and electrical connections at the tank and sender.

9. Disconnect the fuel hoses and lines. Disconnect the electrical connections at the sender.
10. Lower the tank and shield completely.
11. Lift the tank out of the shield and place the tank on the floor.

12. Remove the fuel sender assembly and seal ring, using the J 36608 fuel sender tool. Discard the old seal ring. Purge the tank, if the tank is being repaired.

Installation Procedure
1. Install the new seal Ting:
2. Use the J 36608 fuel sender tool in order to reinstall the sender.
3. Place the tank in the shield.

4. Raise the tank and shield slightly and reconnect the fuel hoses, the lines, and the electrical connections at the sender.

5. Raise the tank and shield fully.

6. Reinstall the fuel tank filler neck on to the tank.
Notice: Refer to Fastener Notice in Cautions and Notices.
7. Install the clamp.
Tighten the clamp to 2.5 N-m (25 lb in).

8. Install the frame mounted bracket.
9. Install the nuts.
Tighten the nuts to 33 N-m (25 lb ft)

10. Install the fuel tank brackets with the insulator strips in place.
Notice : Refer to Fuel Tank Strap Nuts Notice in Cautions and Notices.
11. Tighten the strap bolts.
Tighten the strap bolts to 45 N-m (33 lb ft).
12. Replenish the fuel in the tank.
13. Reinstall the fuel tank filler cap.
14. Reconnect the negative battery cable. If a memory retention device was not used, reset (to the extent possible) all of the devices that lost their memory after the battery was disconnected.
15. Check for leaks.
15.1. Turn ON the ignition switch for 2 seconds.
15.2. Turn OFF the ignition switch for 10 seconds.
15.3. Again, turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
15.4. Check for fuel leaks.


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