When installing a new exhaust pipe, or muffler, or tailpipe, on any model, check for proper alignment. Rat­tles and noise vibrations in the exhaust system are usually caused by the misalignment of parts. When aligning the system, leave all bolts and nuts loose until all parts are properly aligned, then tighten, working from the front to the rear.

Damaged exhaust system hangers, hanger brackets, and clamps should be replaced to maintain exhaust system alignment.

• When jacking or lifting the vehicle from the frame side rails, make sure the lift pads do not contact the three-way catalytic converter as damage to the catalytic converter will result.
• Apply sealer (GM P/N 9985020) or equivalent to all slip joint connections.
• When installing the exhaust pipe to the engine manifold, always use new seal and nuts. Clean the engine manifold stud threads with a wire brush before installing the new nuts.

To view exhaust system layouts for C/K vehicles, refer to figures 1 through 27.

Refer to figure 1 for the various exhaust system hanger support types.


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