Remove or Disconnect (Figures 13 and 14)
1. Radiator fan shroud. Refer to SECTION 6B2.
• Locate the yellow dot on the fan clutch hub and mark the coolant pump pulley.
2. Nuts.
3. Fan and fan clutch from the coolant pump pulley.
4. Bolts.
5. Fan from the fan clutch.

• Inspect the mating surfaces (the coolant pump hub and the fan clutch hub) for smoothness. Rework as necessary to eliminate any burrs or other imperfec­tions.

Install or Connect (Figures 13 and 14)

CAUTION: Do not repair and reuse a fan with a bent, cracked, or damaged blade. Replace the fan as an assembly. A damaged blade can change the balance of a fan. A fan out of balance or cracked could fly apart during use and cause personal injury or damage to the vehicle.
1. Fan to the fan clutch.
2. Bolts.
• Bolts to 24 N-m (18 Ibs. ft.).
3. Fan and clutch assembly to the coolant pump pulley.
4. Nuts.
• Align the yellow reference marks on the coolant pump pulley and the fan clutch hub.

• Nuts to 24 N.m (18 Ibs. ft.).
5. Fan shroud. Refer to SECTION 6B2.


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