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GM/Detroit 6.5L – RADIATOR

C/K radiators are crossflow, tube and center type, using an aluminum core with plastic side tanks. The core and side tanks can be replaced separately. Core repair is easily made with the hot melt adhesive method.

All radiators are fitted with a shroud designed to assist the fan in directing air flow through the radiator core and also serve as a fan guard. Provision for cool­ant expansion is achieved with a coolant recovery tank. This retards coolant overflow and reduces frequent refills.

Pressure is maintained in the radiator and system by a pressure cap. The pressure cap has two valves; one relieves pressure and the other compensates for cool­ant contraction when the engine is stopped. Radiator caps are provided in 103 kPa (15 psi) rating.

Radiators used with some automatic transmissions have transmission oil coolers built into the right tank, with inlet and outlet fittings for transmission fluid circula­tion.

In some applications there is an engine oil cooler available that is built into the left tank, with inlet and outlet fittings for engine oil circulation.

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