Remove or Disconnect (Figures 3, 4, and 5)
• Make sure the engine control switch is off.
1. Drive belt. (Vehicles with Air Conditioning)
2. Electrical connector at the A/C compressor.
3. Three through bolts (7) holding the A/C compressor (9) to the bracket (10) (figure 3).
• Do not remove the A/C lines.
4. A/C compressor out of the bracket and set it off to the right side.
5. Vacuum hose (15) off the vacuum pipe (14), leav­ing the hose attached to the pump (figure 5).
6. One through bolt (12) and two nuts (3) holding the bracket (10) to the stud on the engine (figure 3).
• Access the lower nut through the hole in the vacuum pump pulley.
7. Vacuum pump (1) and bracket (10) assembly from the vehicle. (Vehicles without Air Conditioning)

8. Bolts holding the mounting bracket (10) to the engine (figure 4).
9. Nut holding the bracket to the stud on the engine.
10. Vacuum pump and the bracket from the engine.

Disassemble (Figure 6)

Tool Required:
J 25034-B Pump Pulley Remover
• Clamp the vacuum pump bracket in a vise.
1. Vacuum pump hose (15) from the vacuum pump pipe.
2. Pulley (2) from the pump using tool J 25034-B.

NOTICE: Do not pry from the back o f the pulley . Damage could occur to the pulley or pump .
3. Three bolts (11) from the back of the bracket.
4. Vacuum pump.

Assemble (Figure 7)
Tool Required:
J 25033-B Pump Installer
1. Vacuum pump to the bracket with bolts (11).

• Bolts to 27 N.m (20 Ibs. ft.).
2. Pulley to the pump using tool J 25033-B until the pulley is flush with the end of the shaft (figure 7).

NOTICE: Do not tap the pulley back onto the pump shaft The pump could be damaged.

3. Vacuum hose (15) to the vacuum pump pipe (13).

Install or Connect
1. Vacuum pump (1) to the bracket (10) with bolts (11) (figure 4). (Vehicles without Air Conditioning)

• Bolts to 27 N-m (20 Ibs. ft.).

2. Bracket and the pump to the engine with bolts (12) and nut.


Bolts to 40 N-m (30 Ibs. ft.).
• Nut to 40 N-m (30 Ibs. ft.).
3. Vacuum hose (15) (figure 5). (Vehicles with Air Conditioning)
4. Vacuum pump and bracket assembly to the engine with bolt (12) and nuts (3).

• Bolt to 40 N-m (30 Ibs. ft).
• Nuts to 30 N.m (22 Ibs. ft.).

5. Vacuum hose (15) to the engine vacuum pipe (14) (figure 5).
6. A/C compressor into position on the engine.
7. Bolts holding the compressor and bracket to the engine.


• Bolts to 40 N.m (30 Ibs. ft).
8. Electrical connector to the compressor clutch.
(Both Models)
9. Drive belt.


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