1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Disassemble and Assemble Cylinder Head

[1] – Compress valve springs (A) using JDE138 Valve Spring Compressor.

[2] –

Remove collet halves (B) from retainer (C).

[3] – Slowly release compressor and valve spring.

[4] – Remove valve spring, stem seal (D), and valve (G) from head.

[5] – Intake and exhaust valve guides (E) and seats (F) are press fit. Remove only if replacement is necessary.

[6] – Inspect all parts for wear or damage. Clean all carbon deposits and measure all parts for proper clearances. (See Recondition Cylinder Head in this group.)

[7] –

Apply clean engine oil on intake and exhaust valve stems during assembly.

[8] – Install springs with smaller pitch end or paint mark toward cylinder head.

[9] –

Use valve spring compressor to compress spring and retainer, and install collet as removed.

[10] – After each valve has been assembled, tap on top of valve stem with a plastic hammer to seat retainer.