1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Remove, Inspect, and Install Camshaft Followers

Avoid Damage! Always replace all camshaft followers when installing a new camshaft. The components wear as a set and replacing only one of the components will accelerate wear on the other.

[1] – Remove cylinder head. (See procedure in this group.)

[2] – Remove cam followers from cylinder block with magnetic pick-up tool.

[3] – Inspect all parts for wear or damage.


Check cam follower contact surface for abnormal (A) or normal wear (B).


Measure cam follower diameter. If outside diameter is less than wear limit, replace cam follower.

c. Measure cam follower bore diameter in cylinder block. If cam follower bore diameter exceeds wear limit, replace cylinder block.

d. If follower-to-bore oil clearance (bore ID minus follower OD) exceeds specification, replace cam follower, cylinder block or both.

[4] – Apply clean engine oil on all parts during installation.

[5] – Install cam followers after camshaft is installed. Installation is done in the reverse order of removal.