John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Adjust Rockshaft Position Feedback

To ensure that rockshaft arms raise to maximum lift height without engaging relief valve.

[1] – Position machine on a level surface and set park brake.

[2] – Shift transmission to NEUTRAL position.

[3] – Position lift control lever at full forward (down) position and provide enough weight on lift arms to allow self lowering.

[4] – Start engine.

[5] – Move lift control lever to full raise position.

[6] –
Difference in height from fully down to fully up (measured at center of lift arm pins) should be approximately 22.2 cm (8.75 in.).

Lift arm should raise fully without engaging the relief valve.

[7] – Shorten the lift arm position feedback rod to increase, or lengthen to reduce the maximum height. The relief valve should not engage at maximum height.

[8] – Manually check full range of lift arm movement.

a. Stop engine.
b. Fully open load control valve to allow ease of lift arm motion.
c. Manually lift arms and measure difference from lower to full height.