John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Diagnostic Information

The diagnostic information in this group is used to test components related to a specific problem or symptom. Select a symptom from the list and follow the test procedures under the heading.

The symptom headings are:
– Entire Hydraulic System Fails to Function/No Hydraulic Pump Output
– Insufficient Pump Delivery
– Hydraulic Functions Too Slow
– Excessive Pump Pressure
– Slow Hydraulic Pump Response
– Excessive Pump Noise During Operation
– Rockshaft Does Not Lift or Lifts Slowly
– Rockshaft Does Not Lower or Lowers Slowly
– Neutral Position Unstable, Rockshaft Drops after Engine Shut Down
– Mid-Mount Joystick Does Not Return to Neutral Position—Mid-Mount SCV
– Mid-Mount Joystick Does Not Remain in Detent Position—Mid-Mount SCV
– Remote Cylinder Does Not Extend or Retract
– Remote Cylinder Settles Under Load
– Remote Cylinder Operates Too Fast or Too Slow

The diagnostic procedure lists:
– Test conditions
– Test sequence
– Test location
– Normal reading
– Check or test to perform if reading is not normal

When performing the test or check, be sure to set your machine up to the test conditions listed and follow the sequence carefully. The middle (Normal) column gives the reading or condition that should be obtained when performing the test or check. If the results of the test or check are not normal, perform the test, check, or adjustment listed in the third (If Not Normal) column to repair the malfunction.