John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Gear Train Operation

There are two drive inputs from the hydraulic transmission to the gear transmission; the variable (forward and reverse swash plate) input to the gear drive input shaft (A), and the relatively constant (engine rpm) input to the PTO input shaft (B).

The gear input shaft is splined to the range sliding gear which can be shifted and engage the high range gear, not engage a gear (neutral), or engage the low range gear. See Range Gear Operation .

The PTO input shaft drives the PTO gears when the PTO clutch is engaged driving the PTO  clutch drum and the PTO selection gear. See PTO Operation .

There are four outputs; the MFWD shaft (C) to the front axle, the front PTO shaft (D), the rear PTO (E), and the final drive pinion shaft (F) which drive the differential and rear wheels.