John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Injection Pump Timing (EPA Engines)

EPA engines have EPA compliance sticker on rocker arm cover.

DO NOT attempt to adjust the fuel injection pump timing. For most engine problems, the fuel injection pump timing does not have to be adjusted. If the engine performed well at one time, then performance dropped, the fuel injection timing is NOT the problem. Fuel injection timing, once set by the engine manufacturer, should NOT change during the life of the engine.

Fuel injection pump timing should NOT change during the life of the engine unless the pump has been altered illegally, or there is excessive wear to the camshaft injection pump cam lobes and lifters.

First check the fuel quality, fuel supply, fuel injectors, air intake system, and engine compression in all cylinders before considering fuel injection timing problems.

If all other possibilities have been ruled out and it is determined that the fuel injection pump and governor assembly are in need of repair, they must be replaced ONLY as complete assemblies.

Only an authorized factory trained technician is allowed to remove and install these assemblies.