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John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Install Transmission

[1] – Guide transmission into place between frame members.
a. Pass hydraulic pipes between motion control arm and centering damper.
b. Lubricate transmission input splines. Align and install driveshaft yoke to input shaft.

[2] – Align transmission to frame attachment holes. Loosely install bolts securing each side of transmission.

a. Install two 5/8×1-3/8 in. bolts (A).
b. Install four M12x40 hex bolts (B).
c. Install two 5/8×1-5/8 in. bolts (C) through hitch pivot pin reinforcing plate.

[3] – Install ROPS. (See Install ROPS in Section 90, Group 10.)

[4] – Tighten bolts (A, B, and C) on left and right sides to specification.

[5] – Connect brake and differential lock control linkage.

a. Install brake control rod (D) to brake arm. Secure brake rod with washer and locking pin.
b. Attach brake rod to round hole in brake arm for domestic models.
c. Attach brake rod to slotted hole in brake arm for export models.
d. Connect right side differential lock control rod (E) to brake arm.
e. Connect left side differential lock control rod (F) to left side differential lock arm. Install trunnion to linkage arm and secure with washer and cotter pin.

[6] – Adjust brake and differential lock linkage. (See Adjust Differential Lock in Section 250, Group 15.)

[7] – Connect transmission control linkage.

a. Install damper to shift arm eccentric and secure with M8 lock nut (G).
b. Install motion control rod to shift arm and secure with washer and locking pin (H).

[8] – Install hydraulic pipes to rockshaft (I), SCV (J), and PTO valve (K) connections.

[9] – Install wire harness to transmission connectors. Route and secure wire harness as
originally installed.

a. Install ROPS lighting connectors (L).

b. Bundle wire harness and secure to ROPS upright with tie wrap.
c. Secure wire harness with retainers (M).
d. Install PTO solenoid connector (N), PTO selector connector (O), and ROPS lighting connectors (P).

e. Bundle lighting wire harness and secure to ROPS upright with tie wrap.
f. Secure wire harness with retainer (Q).
g. Install neutral switch connector (R). Secure connector halves with tie wrap over release tab.

h. Secure wire harness with two retainers (S).

[10] – Install foot rest. Ensure that fuel hoses (T) are captured in foot rest retaining slot and through relief notch in firewall.

[11] – Install steering pedestal cowl (U). Secure cowl with four screws.

[12] – Verify that fuel lines are securely routed and not forcing cowl toward brake pedal.

[13] – Install front seat mounting bracket to transmission. Secure bracket with two M10x30 hex bolts (V). Secure wire harness retainer (W) with right bolt.

[14] – Secure wire harness with two retainers (X).

[15] – Install shift gate over PTO selector, transmission range selector, and height of cut adjuster shafts. Secure gate to seat support with two M8x20 hex bolts (Y) and hex nuts.

[16] – Secure fender support with M10 hex nut (Z).

[17] – Install end hook of differential lock lever return spring (aa) to shift gate.

[18] – Install left and right closeout panels.

[19] – Install center closeout panel.

a. Loosely install two M6x30 Phillips head screws (ab).
b. Loosely install two M8x27 shoulder bolts (ac) and flat washers.
c. Adjust panel position so height of cut adjuster shaft (ad) is centered in control opening,
and tighten fasteners.
d. Align height of cut adjuster knob to shaft flat and install knob.

[20] – Install range selector shift knob. Secure knob with retaining hex nut (ae). Install shift knob cap.

[21] – Install right fender.

[22] – Install seat base assembly. (See Install Seat Base in Section 90, Group 05.)

[23] – Lubricate transmission splines. Align and install front PTO driveshaft (if used).

[24] – Lubricate and install MFWD front driveshaft.

[25] – Fill transmission with specified type and amount of fluid.

[26] – Install three point hitch draft arms and links.

[27] – Install rear wheels.

[28] – Lower machine to floor.