KUBOTA – L2501 – CLUTCH – Bonnet and Front Axle Rocking Restrictor

1. To open the bonnet (1), hold the bonnet with a hand and pull the release lever and open the bonnet.
2. Disconnect the battery negative cable.
3. Disconnect the head light connector (3).
4. Remove the snap pin (4) and disconnect the bonnet damper (5) from the bonnet.
5. Remove the screws (6).
6. Remove the bonnet carefully.
7. Remove the side cover (2).
8. Install the front axle rocking restrictor (7) (refer to “SPECIAL TOOLS” (see page G-55)) to the front axle bracket          and chock  the rear wheels.

(When reassembling)
• To close the bonnet, push the bonnet into position using both