OM 617 – Inspection and adjustment of no-load max speed

1. Connect revolution counter.
Use adaptor when connecting mechanical revolution counter.

2. Run engine to 75-85 “C oil temperature.
3. Slowly accelerate with accelerator pedal and read revolution counter. Specified engine speed should be attained.

Adjustment (M-injection pump with pneumatic governor)
4. Adjust speed by means of full load stop screw (1) on throttle unit.
Screwing in = speed decrease
Screwing out = speed increase

1 Full load stop screw
2 Regulating lever
a = Adjustment max 2 mm

Adjustment (“a”) of throttle valve should not exceed max 2 mm.
If the full load stop screw i s screwed in s t i l l further, the air feed will be throttled and driving performance will drop.
If the throttle unit can no longer be adjusted, tension or slacken governor spring by means of compensating washers (07.1-130).

5. If the respective speed is not attained on MW and MJRSF-injection pumps, check for presence of vacuum at vacuum box on injection pump. For this purpose, pull off hose on vacuum box. I f the speed is still not attained, remove injection pump and adjust maximum speed free of load on a Bosch injection pump test bench.


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