Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 006-026   Injector

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If possible, provide a work area that will not have flying debris or dust.  Gently place the removed injector(s) on a clean work table or container that has been cleaned of debris and oils. Immediately cover each injector to prevent contamination. Cover the engine if it will be left unattended to prevent contamination.

NOTE: Neighboring works areas may inadvertently contaminate your work area with debris from compressor air, air tools, or cleaning.

Disconnect the injector wire harness from the injector.


Loosen the captive capscrews securing the actuator harness to the rocker lever housing and pivot the harness toward the intake side of the engine.


Remove the injector hold-down clamp capscrew.

Remove the injector hold-down clamp and injector together.

If necessary, use a small heel-bar to pry up on the injector clamp hold-down flange (part of the injector body just above the cylinder head casting). Verify that the fuel connector(s) has been removed prior to using a heel-bar to pry up on the injector(s).

An injector, if reused, must be returned to the same cylinder from which the injector was removed. Mark or tag injectors with the cylinder number from which the injector was removed.

NOTE: It may be necessary to rotate the crankshaft a few degrees to allow for clearance between the injector and exhaust valves.

Last Modified:  22-Jun-2010