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Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 010-033   Turbocharger

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This component weighs 23 kg [50 lb] or more. To reduce the possibility of personal injury, use a hoist or get assistance to lift this component.

When installing a lifting eye, be sure the shoulder of the lifting eye is bottomed against bearing housing. Failure to do so can result in failure of the lifting eye and personal injury.

If the lifting eye is installed in the turbocharger bearing housing, it is to be used exclusively for turbocharger removal and installation. It is not to be used in removal of the exhaust manifold, or engine. Doing so will cause damage to the turbocharger.

The turbocharger actuator must not be used as a lifting mechanism. Doing so will cause damage to the turbocharger actuator.

Thread a lifting strap around the turbocharger bearing housing.

Care must be taken not to damage the turbocharger compressor inlet air temperature sensor and the turbocharger speed sensor when removing the turbocharger from the engine.

NOTE: Spiral locknuts are utilized to reduce the risk of the turbocharger mounting nuts falling off.  However these nuts have more of a tendency to NOT loosen freely. If the nut does not loosen freely, split the nuts to avoid breaking a mounting stud.

Remove the nuts from the turbocharger studs and remove the turbocharger.

Remove the turbocharger and discard the gaskets.


Cover the turbocharger exhaust inlet port with heavy tape or a protective cap from the Air Handling Clean Care Kit, Part Number 4919799.

Cover the opening on the exhaust manifold with heavy tape.

Last Modified:  26-Jul-2010