6.7L Cummins Compressed Air System – Air Compressor Cylinder Head, Single Cylinder – Assemble

Carefully place a new gasket on the lower section of the cylinder head.
Place the upper section of the cylinder head and insert five internal hex capscrews.
Tighten the internal hex capscrews. Use the following sequence.

NOTE: If installing a new air compressor cylinder head assembly, the following steps should not be performed.
New cylinder head assemblies are already assembled per the instructions below. Skip to placement of the cylinder
head assembly onto the air compressor housing.
Apply a light coating of assembly lubricant, Part Number 3163087 or equivalent, to the unloader plate recess of the
cylinder head.
Place the unloader plate onto the unloader piston pinion, as well as the stationary pinion, and press the unloader
plate into the assembly lubricant.

Install the air compressor intake valve.
Make sure the intake valve is oriented so the unloader channel of the cylinder head is exposed by four holes (1 ).

Install the sealing gasket in a similar manner.
Make sure to orient the gasket so the four holes are not blocked by the sealing gasket.

If a new head assembly is being installed, tighten the five small head cover capscrews in the sequence shown.