6.7L Cummins Cylinder Block – Gear Housing, Rear – Install

For engines equipped with a paper-style oil pan gasket , inspect the oil pan gasket for damage.
NOTE: If the engine is equipped with a suspended oil pan with a rubber oil pan gasket, and the gasket is found to be
damaged, the oil pan must be removed and the entire oil pan gasket replaced. Refer to Procedure 007-025 in
Section 7. If the engine used sealant only between the gear housing and the oil pan, remove the old sealant and
apply new sealant, Part Number 3164070, to the oil pan mounting flange.
If the oil pan gasket is torn, it can be repaired.
Cut the torn gasket off even with the front of the cylinder block.

Use the old gasket as a pattern to cut the front section of a new gasket to the same size.

NOTE: The gear housing must be installed within 10 minutes of applying the sealant.
Clean the sealing surfaces.
Coat the new gasket on both sides with sealant, Part Number 3164067.
Be sure there is a bead of sealant at the intersecting joint of the cylinder block, oil pan, and gear housing.

Use common thread or a very fine wire to hold the new gasket splice in position as illustrated.

Apply a 1.5 to 2.0 mm (0.06 to 0.08 in] wide bead of sealant, Part Number 3164070, to the block side of the
gear housing in the path il lustrated and install the rear gear housing capscrews and housing .
NOTE: Be sure to apply a bead of sealant around the capscrew holes as shown in locations (1 ), (2), and (3).
NOTE: Be sure there is a bead of sealant at the intersection joint of the cylinder block, oi l pan, and gear
NOTE: Install the gear housing within 10 minutes of applying sealant or the sealant will not seal correctly.
Once installed, allow the sealant to dry for 30 minutes before operating the engine.

Tighten the capscrews in the sequence shown.

Start the oil pan capscrews in the holes not being used to tie the gasket in place.

Remove the thread or wire holding the gasket in place.
Install the remaining oil pan capscrews and tighten the capscrews.
Torque Value: 28 N•m [ 248 in-lb ]