Cummins 4BT Lucas CAV DPA, Stanadyne DB4, Nippendenso EP-9, and Bosch P-7100 Pump Timing Check

Rotate the engine to TDC.

Correct timing of the Lucas CAV DPA and Stanadyne DB4 fuel injection pump can be verified by removing the timing window cover plate.

The Nippendenso EP-9 and Bosch P-7100 fuel injection pumps are checked by removing the timing pin access plug and verifying the slot in the pin will fit over the timing tooth in the fuel injection pump.
NOTE: Special equipment in an authorized shop is required to precisely time the Lucas CAV DPA fuel injection pump.

However, for troubleshooting and in an emergency, visual alignment of the timing mark is close enough for the engine to run. To correct the timing on the Bosch P-7100 and Nippen­ denso EP-9 refer to the replacement procedure for the respective pump.

Two injection pump timing marks are used on the Stana­dyne DB4 for timing injection of fuel into the No. 1 cyl­inder. One mark is located on the governor weight retainer hub. The other is located on the internal cam ring. These two marks must be aligned at No. 1 cylinder Top Dead Center.

On the Lucas CAV DPA the correct timing letter can be located on the engine data plate as shown.
The letter G indicated refers to the correct timing letter alignment as shown in the previous frame.